Konichiwang is a print magazine that asks young entrepreneurs how they made their idea happen.



Polaroid Photos

All of the guests featured in Konichiwang were captured with a Polaroid SX-70 Land camera to give an unadulterated and unposed image that looks unlike anything you'll see in other magazines.


Interviewees as Illustrators

To help the each guest loosen up I ask them to draw a self portrait, what it is they do, their New York City, and the name Konichiwang. These illustrations are then printed alongside their interview.


The DL on NYC

New York City is so big that if you don't know the right spots you could easily get suckered into eating bad hot dogs and overpriced drinks. So not only did our interviews take place in some of the coolest spots in New York City but we also included a map of the all the spots we hit plus we sorted out some special "off-menu" secret items that are exclusive to readers of Konichiwang.