If you're here then you probably just saw a graveyard of ideas outside Pete Cashmore's keynote speech at The Times Center for Ad Week. 


Now you're probably wanting to know what this is all about, right? 

We just launched Konichiwang Magazine through Kickstarter - GO HAVE A LOOK!  It's a magazine full of Q&A interviews with a dozen New Yorkers who each had an idea and made it happen. The magazine exists because current business media ignore the stories of success behind small to medium enterprises whereas we want to champion the success of those starting out small because it's more relatable for the normal citizen and therefore more inspiring. Go look at our Kickstarter page, and if you're compelled please back it and share it with your network.

So how does this connect to the graveyard? 

By creating a pop-up graveyard in front of a conference full of executives looking for the next big idea we wanted to show that ideas are great but most of them die young, so if you want your idea--whether that be something like your own cafe, an art project you dreamt of, or a new program that will make working in your office better for everyone--then you should back us on Kickstarter so we can provide inspiring stories that will help keep your ideas out of the graveyard.