-What does the name Konichiwang mean?

It means "Hello, please tell me how you did it."

-Why does the magazine focus on how people made their ideas happen instead of how they came up with their ideas?

Anyone can come up with a brilliant idea but not many people can turn their idea into reality so I was curious about how people actually made their ideas happen.

-How were the interviewees selected?

Half of the people featured in issue 1 are good friends and the other half are friends of friends but they were all selected for the same reasons: They all had a great idea and made it happen; I'm personally excited about what they do; And I felt that because there's a personal connection between us that the interviews would flow like a friendly conversation.

-Why did you go on "dates" with interviewees?

By the time I started interviewing people for Konichiwang I'd lived in New York for about 2 years and there was so much cool stuff I hadn't yet done. I really like lining my ducks up so I decided to get my interviewees to join me on trips to some of these cool spots on my bucket list. Unfortunately I didn't get to go on "dates" with all of the interviewees but there's still plenty of cool spots featured in issue 1.

-What's the reason behind using Polaroid cameras to shoot the interviewees?

I didn't have the skills to use a DSLR properly so I figured that by removing a lot of technical features from my equipment it would simplify my photos. I also really liked that I only had 8 photos to capture the moment with each interviewee so there was no "click, look, delete, click again" like their is with digital photography. This was "click, wait 30 minutes, and hope".

-Why do the interviewees draw?

I was set to interview Chuck D from Public Enemy at Detroit Electronic Music Festival for Noisey and through my research I learnt that as a young man he studied Graphic Design and was a cartoonist so when I was given my 5 minutes with Chuck I asked him to draw a self portrait. He was really shocked that I knew about this part of his history. He found the drawing fun and opened up more than expected in the interview so I knew right then that I had to make all of my future interviewees draw.

-Is there a digital version or a blog?

There will be a digital download of the magazine available through our Kickstarter page and we will release excerpts from the magazine online but we want to keep printed content off the web as much as possible because we think a beautiful magazine is a great reason to get away from a screen.

Once we start work on issue 2 we'll publish more content online but there will still be content that's exclusive to the printed magazine.

-Will you feature people from outside of New York?

Yes. Each future issue of Konichiwang will focus on people from a certain geographic area like the east coast of Australia, the west coast of the United States, or even Brazil but there'll always be pages reserved for interviewees from New York City.

If you have any questions that were not answered please send us a message through our contact page.