Ok, now I'll admit I'm feeling just a little scared

My first launch didn't go to plan, I didn't get the press coverage I'd hoped for [I'll elaborate on what happened after the Kickstarter project closes] but I knew that I still had a few weeks remaining to drum up some noise about the project.

Now those few weeks have gone by and I've spent a lot of that time developing a website that I hope will attract the much needed press attention, and from those articles I hope to collect enough pledges---roughly 500---in the following 8 days to hit my funding target of $30K.

Cool. So that's the plan. 

But I'm nervous now because this really is the last roll of the dice, there's only one week left after I launch this site and if I don't catch attention with it in the first 2-3 days then it's going to be incredibly difficult to reach the funding target.  But I'm not saying impossible.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that I feel a bit vulnerable right now but fortunately the sense of achievement I feel for finally completing this site on time and the way I want is warming keeping me warm.

Here's to tomorrow!


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