If Konichiwang was Danish...

A good friend of mine recently gave me an email introduction to Camilla Hjort, editor-in-chief and founder of Rebel Times. Her magazine is based in Denmark and it exists to provide inspiration to entrepreneurs in the creative industries while brightening up the dull landscape of business media [sound familiar?]. 

Camilla has already produced one issue and is currently crowd-funding the second issue. Be sure to get yourself a copy here.


Obviously I love Camilla's content but I'm even more excited at how she has grown one business into five. Rebel Times was born out of Camilla's online art store: Art Rebels, which is a community webshop for young artists.


And then Camilla developed Trailer Park Music Festival from a warehouse party for a few good friends into an annual event for a few thousand guests. When Saints Go Machine performed this year.

[I saw When Saints Go Machine play their first and only show in New York City a few months ago at Piano's in the LES and they were incredible. Be smart and get on this band.]

Camilla also has a marketing/advertising agency called Rebel Agency, but the business I most admire--because it's where I want to take Konichiwang--is her Rebel Academy, which offers connections and mentorships for young entrepreneurs who are starting out.

I'm basically gushing over what Camilla has achieved because she appears to be on the exact same road that I want to take, it's just that she's a few miles ahead of me. 

Hopefully you see Konichiwang and Rebel Times do something together in the near future.