Do it GREAT, not just Ok

I had to write a headline for a post on [If you're not a member yet you should be] and I wanted to make sure it would pop so instead of writing one headline and then re-working it once or twice I wrote 20 different headlines. A lot of them said kind of different things about the post but in the end I think I ended up with the most click-worthy and compelling headline without being sensationalist.

"We found stories to inspire you so you can start your own thing sooner"

Here are the other 19 headlines: 

-Forget the Jobs' & Zuckerbergs' I interviewed Entrepreneurs You can Relate to

-Finding a relatable mentor is hard, we found 12 of them to share their experience with you

-Konichiwang interviews the people you want to know and asks them questions you want answered

-We found stories to inspire you because the current business media won't

-Starting out is hard, so we asked successful people how they did it so you can learn 

from their experience

-Everyone has ideas but making them happen is another thing. We created a magazine to highlight how others did it.

-I wanted to start my "own thing" so I created a magazine about "starting your own thing"

-Experience is great, especially when you can learn from someone else

-I created a magazine about starting your own thing to inspire others to start their own thing

-It's easier to learn when the stories are relatable

-I interviewed people about starting their own thing so it would be easier for you to start your own thing

-There's a big gap between having an idea and making it happen. See what it takes to bridge the gap

-We made a magazine to inspire you to make your ideas happen

-The world needs more people to follow through with their ideas, here's the first step to your contribution

-Want to start your own thing? First, learn from others

-We asked people what it takes to make an idea happen so you could get a head start

-We made a magazine about starting out so you could get a head start

-We make business media interesting so you can get involved

-We wanted to show that anyone can be an entrepreneur so we made a magazine about normal people who made their ideas happen

My point behind this blog is that when you post something online and the purpose behind it is to reach as many people as possible then you need to do a GREAT job not just an OK job and doing so may require a bit more work than usual.