After a few months of screwing about and a survey later Konichiwang is...

...Not going to be printed however the magazine will be made available online in exchange for filling out a survey with 10 questions. Even though issue 1 will be a digital magazine only 1000 copies will be available.

I chose not to print the first issue because even with the generosity of friends, family, and readers like you who believe in the magazine the money available to me is not enough to print a  vessel of information sturdy enough to withstand being stuffed into bags or resilient enough to remain looking beautiful on your bookshelf so until I can raise the funds to print the magazine the way I feel it needs to look and feel Konichiwang will stay digital.

After issue one has been released Konichiwang will shift focus from asking entrepreneurs about success to asking entrepreneurs about their failures, big and small, and what those failures taught them and may teach you the reader, the wannabe entrepreneur, the one with the great ideas. 

By following this new map I hope to make my interviewees and their stories seem more relatable, and their level of success attainable. Success is great, it's what most of us a striving for but it only comes through making mistakes, failing, and then learning but weirdly so many of us are afraid of that four-lettered word starting with F. Why? It should really be embraced, I mean one should never try to fail without having the end goal of eventually succeeding, even if that's making a new recipe in the kitchen, but trying and failing and trying again is a good thing it's how each and every great human achievement has ever come about from discovering how to make fire to finding the cure for polio so let's get comfortable with the word FAIL, I had to do it last year when my crowdfunding project to print issue 1 on Konichiwang failed and now by getting comfortable with failing I'm closer to success.

Here's to Konichiwang version 2.0