A blog about uncertainty, self doubt and trying to overcome it

It's Day 2 of my Kickstarter project being live and from here on out I'm going to do a blog per day about what has happened, what I'm planning and most of all how I'm feeling.

I woke up this morning to see that Konichiwang had eclipsed $3000 [10% of the overall target] and that nearly 500 beautiful souls had shared the page to their friends on Facebook. Awesome! Brilliant! Cool! 

It's so encouraging to know that so many of the people in my life whom I respect and admire took the time to not only click "share" but to elaborate on why they were sharing, all of them said incredibly nice things about the magazine and about me. I'm truly grateful to all of you, thank you!

One of the scariest things about publicizing your idea to the world is the fear that friends will judge you negatively, this fear means that people often develop their ideas in secret and that secrecy more often than not becomes the death of the idea because there's no one to keep you accountable.

Keeping things secret also prevents you from refining and improving your idea. Every time you tell someone about your idea you're practicing your pitch, and when you're pitching you should be listening to yourself speak, paying attention to how your idea is received, and taking note of the feedback. Then next time you pitch you'll be that little bit better.

The moral of this post is that unless your idea is try bondage with your best friend's partner with whom you're having an affair you should not keep your ideas secret. Sharing your ideas with a lot of people will only improve your idea and it will help to create a cluster of people who care about your idea and will support it because they feel involved.



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