We've learnt a few things while creating content for Konichiwang, and we've developed great relationships with some incredible people too, including our readers so if you'd like to enlist our services to help your brand achieve it's goals holler at us through our contacts page.

Case studies and rate cards are available upon request.

*A note to our readers; Working with brands allows us to pay the bills but it doesn't mean we're selling out. Know that we will never have our editorial direction dictated by anyone, and if we're hyping a person or a product it's because we truly believe in it.

Following on from that point, advertisers and brand partners if deep down you know that your brand has done some evil shit don't bother contacting us to help dig you out of it. You can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep and we believe it's the same with the people you work with. To all the brands doing it right, whether you think you're cool or not, we'd be stoked to hear from you.